Diana Rose brings to the coaching session authenticity and genuine caring that is apparent from the first moment.  She is 100% for the client and uses her sensitivity to bring in spirituality and  visualization.  She uses powerful questions that focus on action for the client and the inevitability of reaching the client’s goal and celebrating with the client.  Diana asks permission so that the client feels safe at all times and feels genuinely celebrated for each achievement. 

P Owen, New York

Before I started coaching with Diana, I was not sure that I would benefit from for it. I knew what I needed to do and was sure that I was going to be able to get it done on my own.  I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t done what I knew I needed to do, but I was sure that it was just a matter of time.  I would “plan” to make the calls that I needed to make every day. Just when it came time to making the calls, I would find other things that needed to be done first, like mowing the lawn or picking up the living room.  I would find other things that could not wait and were higher priority than the calls. This would continue until the late afternoon.  At that point I would decide to make the calls tomorrow, first thing in the morning. This continued for months.  Every day that I didn’t do what I needed to do made the next day harder to face.  After just a few coaching sessions, I found myself making all of the calls and even adding more calls and meeting on the fly.  I am in the process of filling my schedule and I feel that I’m back on track with my goals.  Diana has helped me to get out of my own way.  I see that I have been the greatest hurdle that I need to be overcome.  

D Shuck, Missouri

Outstanding recognition. She allowed me to believe in myself on my own as she just guided me along the way allowing me to not feel pressured in any way.

R Coculo, New York

“Visioning exercises” and a role play on “saying no” were very useful indeed. I also felt the 3 assignments she asked me to work on were well conceived and helped me reflect on my issues rather well. I achieved clarity in the process, and it also helped me more easily identify action steps I could implement.  “Diana, many thanks for all your help. You have more than met my expectations that I set out at the start of the coaching process. Far more important however is the better understanding I have of my unique “gifts” and the way my energy “flows”. This understanding of my true “Self” will help me in many, many ways that are difficult to list here. I feel liberated from my own judgments of myself”.

Shreesh J, Mumbai India

The way she installs trust and comfort in the sessions is definitely a plus. The way she “feels” people and say the right thing most of the time, something that makes sense. The way she could translate what I said in a clear and efficient way that made it seem simpler to work on and process was wonderful. Great coach!

L Khamallah, Washington

Coaching with Diana is truly a transformative partnership that allows you to unlock the key to becoming your best self. When I began our coaching work I was an insecure, frightened, stuck stay-at-home mom. In our 12 weeks of work I have launched my own company!  I now feel my life is full of abundance and possibility everyday. She has an incredible gift of truly listening and respecting her clients. She knows when to slow down and give you room, and when to challenge you with powerful questions. She has a true gift, and I am so grateful she generously shared it with me.

Diane F, Portland Oregon

It’s been a WONDERFUL journey. I actually had no idea what the coaching would look like when a friend suggested it and so I have to say that it’s been a really pleasant surprise. How could I possibly thank you for your generosity of time, spirit and encouragement?!  I have been blessed.

D Andrews, Canada