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Are you self sabotaging your relationships? Are you looking to release years of toxicity ? Do you want to actually have a better understanding of your mind and how it connects with your body? Are you needing to be supported in trauma release?          

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Focused On Well Being

About Diana Rose

Diana Rose most affectionately known as
“Big Mama”, has had a vast career in the areas of business & education for over 30 years. She’s helped many youth & adults with her Trauma Informed Coaching, Wellness Practices, & Social Justice Activism.
Big Mama’s happily celebrating her 15th year of being a member of IF (The International
Coaching Federation), as a Certified Professional Coach with various certifications in Trauma & Embodiment.
She’s also a member of the Yoga Alliance.
The practice & work she’s most proud of, is her ties to Curanderismo (Shamanism), as this has been passed down ancestrally.
Big Mama’s intuitve abilities & divine gifts have allowed her to help countless souls with their own journey of thriving & accessing their ever evolving Healing.
She holds space for you to do the work that’s needed & be held in a bosom of LOVE.
Diana “Big Mama” gets you out of your own way & into a place to matter, be seen, & be loved

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About Diana Rose

Deep Interpersonal Guidance

I provide a whole health approach to sexuality coaching, wellness coaching, life coaching and trauma release.

I get you from point A to point Z, by working with you & not against you.  Let’s look at all that’s currently stopping you from moving forward.

No more excuses. The time to invest in YOU is NOW!

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