Empowering You and Your Journey

Empowering You and Your Journey

Are you self sabotaging your relationships? Are you looking to release years of toxicity? Do you want to actually have a better understanding of your mind and how it connects with your body? Are you needing to be supported in trauma release?          

The time has come for yours feelings and emotions to be acknowledged!

Since their childhood, individuals are groomed to show lack of emotions. They are told to be a “Big boy or Big girl”. However, the minute they show any level of softness, they are ostracized by their friends, family and society as a whole. These actions can cause consequences that leave individual feeling anger, unresponsive, and not open to want to connect. Does this sound like you? Or do the individuals in your life describe you as this?

I work with men and women in allowing them to be in a safe space where they can start learning who they are. Accepting that the experiences or traumas they went though, impacted their lives in one way or another. Men and Women who want to discover their spiritual, masculine, feminine and powerful side-both emotionally and physically.

Everyone wants to be open to have a better understanding with relationships with both women and men. They want emotional acceptance-being able to open up instead of blocking things out. Which leads to a cycle of pain and aggression.

Connecting with both parts of their essence-masculine and feminine is important. To be able to coach you in actively listening and making observations, leads you to have more connections within yourself and others. Having the ability to look at why things are going wrong in their lives- work, friendships, relationships, marriages vs those that can become right, is the path to healing.

Some individuals are constantly battling with societal norms-monogamy vs polyamory or relationship expectations. This causes inner problems. The trauma can sometimes be suppressed where there’s a disconnect causing individuals to not acknowledge what is happening in their minds and bodies. They are genuinely wanting to discuss but don’t know how in a healthy way.

Enough with the b.s. Get off this toxic hamster wheel and let’s look at developing healthy habits that will translate to a better dialogue and understanding of the beauty that is you!